Saturday, 31 October 2009

The ongoing issue of men wearing pink...

You may recall class discussions about the concept of 'performativity of gender' put forward by Judith Butler, the idea that gender (as distinct from biological sex) does not exist in nature but is rather a behaviour we learn from a young age, not least from being 'branded' as male/female with pink/blue clothing.

A nice example of this in action in the adult world, and perhaps also an example of the concept of the 'metrosexual' (a heterosexual male comfortable in taking on some stereotypically feminine characteristics, clothing or behaviours) comes from this interview with the Denmark/Arsenal footballer Nicklas Bendtner. Note the undertone of homophobia in the reaction he received; when we consider any one area of representation and stereotyping we often find links to another...
There have been times in his young career, though, when he has polarised support. ... Heck, he even had the nerve to wear pink boots at one stage last season and any footballer who does that has to be a good one.

"People made a big fuss because it is meant to be a girl's colour. They were outraged because they said it shouldn't appear in sport. Well, we are all different. I have my own opinion about what is a man and what is not a man. Yes, every young girl wants pink clothes but sometimes you've got to bring something different to the table."

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