Thursday, 23 June 2016

Ad enough of stereotyping women

A useful overview of the common stereotypes of gender used in advertising.
Unilever, the firm responsible for brands such as Dove, Lynx and Magnum, has promised to shake up its portrayal of women, after a research project the company carried out found that just 3% of women in adverts are shown in professional, managerial jobs; 1% are shown as being funny and 2% intelligent. 
During the two-year research project, 90% of women Unilever spoke to felt they were presented as sex objects in the adverts and 30% thought adverts were made for the male gaze. Curiously, however, just 40% said they felt that women in adverts did not represent them. Which leaves 60% who presumably think: yep, I too get extremely excited by a reduced-price gateau. 
So, without further ado. Here are 11 top female stereotypes found in advertising – all of which we should really see the back of.
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